Sustainable website hosting with the best bang for your buck

We work with Google’s eco-friendly datacenters to offer an affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible website hosting to fuel your online presence and protect the planet

Green Mainframe
Green Mainframe

What’s Green Mainframe?

Green Mainframe has its roots in Webera, a DevOps consultancy company with a vision to create high-availability projects using cutting-edge technologies.

What began as an internal project within Webera soon gained traction and evolved into a separate product driven by the team's passion for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Webera's team recognized the growing need for affordable, reliable, and sustainable website hosting solutions, and Green Mainframe was born.

What do we do?

We host websites and blogs on eco-friendly datacenters powered by Google
with the lowest prices among all web hosting providers.

Expert Support

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Sustainable Hosting Powered by
Google's Green Datacenters

The Best Value for Money

Green Mainframe's plans have the
lowest fees among all the main
providers in the market.

Empowering businesses and individuals through sustainable web hosting

We aim to empower small business owners and individuals with the tools and resources they need to easily and efficiently manage their website hosting and maintenance while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to have a professional and sustainable online presence without the need for technical expertise or high costs.

Saving the planet
one website at a time

By hosting your website with Green Mainframe, you are not only getting an affordable and reliable hosting solution, but also contributing to the global efforts towards a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and carbon offsetting is powered by Google’s eco-friendly datacenters, making it possible for our partners to make a positive impact on the environment.

Green Mainframe